The world wild boy

From the lipps of my favorite part, i was a prince

At the midle of my year i was wild as jomo and the whole world actually centered in me. ..

From shoe maker, labourer, acadean a ghalamsay boy to security, how am i not a wild boy.

Real Cash Row

Oh guy the girl going how do u fell her
Her body too qute I no b her class oooh
Now when u c ladies u find that her guy have only tooth _pick
Now ladies want guys who have two sim phone nd not of we those who have nothing to buy tooth _past
Haven’t u seen it that now im rowning things with an international top model so now when I sleep she b the reason y I dream.
U forget of ur chien chien of all u talk of ur model girl.
U always mouth yabe yabe .and can sleep with a lady at the same time her aunty.
But u knew it all that fonication is not my fault.because at the age of 23 I had a divouce.back at my hood I was into hustling and fraud and thus my course of study in life.
Oh guys should give cash ,chech ,or I for flex with her ,or should get a house ,or I should get money to change her blouse.
No jack don’t her anything ,give her mouth ,be hard on her ,don’t spend too much on her ,u are a top shata nd plainty ladies dey if not she ll misbeheave .
Wait , she say she want iphon 6 or 3310
Even if she want jeep I ll give it to her in no time.
Me .


Nasata my world

Money 2

To the bosses, a massage from the poor is quite clare.
Is not always about money money money thing we the poor have hopes.
Not all of us are myopic and not all bosses are vibrant.
We all have our ways of going up not all were lefted up some are born to struggle be4 success can be breed up.

Verily we all have reasons even ME .
I’m  kind to every one no One exception.
I can use every bit of my patients to obey every one.
I can’t bow to every human because of his wealth , I don’t worship money.

The world is full of unsatisfied people every where I go I meet these people.
All my life I try pleasing the world but people never seems to know let maybe they are pretending.

They only wanna use me because they thought I’m poor now.
All I care is no One ll get me on now let me also please myself now if the poor ever relies my idea of thought no one ll continue to work for money anymore.

Still this is the next gentle gift of life no more money glorifing .see how people are doing to each other day in and out all sorts of nonessential .
If I don’t have plenty money on my assets collom is not a grantee to use me up completely.
Good luck to every humanbean.
Boss I hate that .



Many people come and go are won by sad graves
Many great issues we heard are lost and gone
Boy without father where ll I go?
No one to.

There is always a cancer on my mind I swears it.
Your father is a rich man I hear this time and times.
He owns flats and cars they always say this much.
Ahh what did I do wrong for these sad pages.

Always im sad because my own is always worst.
Hmmmm!  Where do life belongs to fixed? More schooling? 
But how even to do.
Hustling is not a chance for they llnt pay you.

Ghalamsay if kia trucks dnt grind you but motor ll.recs every where but I love this jangle.
07-08-2010was the year I reseructed.
Excavated passengers in air like flights but dying on accident.

There was a sad silence awaiting who will be up first.
And I was nearly buried for my life came late.
Crowd resolve for an action of a dead  (me) reviving. A lot shouting on me everywhere ”you’re dead and others saying Allahu akbar Allahu akbar so he was alive”.

Bleeding won’t stop so I was down again on leaves of good ones around support to comfort my body.
For three good days I lost myself control people could only turns me for cleaning and treatment.
Fortune nearly lost at the beginning of a fresh page Cash Row.
The world wild boy .
The world wild boy.
I treasure this episode
07- 12-2014.



So the world get chances over chances
Sometimes like changing of the changing lizard
Some lifes with some variables with time over times
But she may seems wronging other time

Contrasting may seems the game.
Schools were much bitter than everything
So going farm was almost the best factor
But life crowns it’s wrong wish

You see
When we go to school nothing was there to go for
You ll go to farm not your family farm but people farm on school days in school atare .
Yes see one sir handle the whole school a six classes with every class active with talkers.

As deprive community farm going was better of schooling in empty u never wish to b a student.
Cow-boying was also an enviable act
What happen to peoples crops by? The path. Wild boys from the school going home. Gues what happen to crops  by side .birds and lizards are not free .we were more rodents boys full of massi’ve harvesting on crops. All in name of hunger.All in the name of hunger we even scared away some of our lucky birds from the Bush and people around will know the destroyers were from school .you often heard farmers saying please you take care my crops on the path. I and brother were dangerous to raw edibles and perfect shooters of catapult by so almost the birds knew us .
Hmmmmmmm six years at school yet I couldn’t write nor or spell .
You go to school with hoes why won’t we be interest at farm and cowboying.

The bird

The wisest of creation
Is seen as the little of some creation.
This is the think more than any man eat is not the deal.what to eat is the priming factor.these crearures sub serve the sky . See where it moves on.gues where it live.think how dies.
The bird is the most host of air
He is alone was is always proud of  above world.
My pet is called ziad and is the wisest i have seen before.ziad tells me time .it join in my fruiting diner by a times trough a nice wistling .i ll relies is feeding on my plate .i ll let on feed after all is paying for it .often times it ll scare me out of control like a speed by pass fly or using its beautifull ferthers to romance me when in late on time a suprise gift from a neer by garden gues what.i often say compound tief where from it .but well i js have to enjoy areaddy is a gift .
Hmmm ziad ll not sleep alone then i have travel.if not this parrot always rest on my bed even if fiance has come to acomplice my night .this is my wonderful friend i always tell my night mistress.ziad  ll laugh when in bed im play pilo game with honey .when ask why boy more time it knew everything i do.
Ziad does not like rocky at all
Because rocky is extreamly a wild and an untrained dog.for the monkey haha i always luagh with tears .see these pets play hide and seek . Capee ll try jompong all best to chatch on ziad.yet a flying bird is already use to the air.almost five years with me .at time i go along with it to work yet many people dnt complain they all know it.but it gather people pens.handcarchieves.
Thank for reading.

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